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Be careful!

Nice sticker. You can find it on the toilet of the hackspace Metalab.


Hot out there #2


I am completely numb because of the weather. The hotness makes me unable to do anything. Office is air conditioned, I think I’m gonna work 14 hours every day these weeks.

The information that the polar bears in the zoo in Schönbrunn are being fed fish flavored ice constipates my mind for at least an hour before letting go.

Newspaper had some ideas on how to spend the hot days, like these: sex in the morning best between 7 and 8 (I am already in the office then and at home it still had 29°C?) or go to the public pools at four pm (where do these people work?) .

Yesterday evening we opened the windows at around 10 pm to let in some cooler air. Turns out outside was still hotter than inside.

Incoherency is slowly taking over.

Hot out there


please finish this sentence: it is so hot today, …

– the concrete on the floor started to melt
– I had to buy another air condition to cool my air condition (hah, I wish)
– the coal for my barbecue wanted to get inside to cool off

nature always finds a way

This tomato is growing amidst concrete and passerbys somewhere near the subway station Margaretenplatz.


It is the most amazing thing.

Schanigarten encore

another wonderful Schanigarten (Paris, take cover…)


Hot in the city

Yep, Billy Idol was right, it is hot in the city tonight.


Has been for the last few days and summer hasn’t really started yet. Phewie. So better grab a big Tom Collins or plain’ ol’ Gin & Juice or at least a vanilla ice cream with some cherries and berries and try to listen to some old Roxy Music, some West Coast Hip Hop, some folk music or alternative country or some Cuban music. At least, that works best for me when the weather gets unbearable in the summer. Why isn’t this the Rejkjavik-Blog? I bet they never have the problem of having to shower two times a day because the sweat is dripping off the walls.
Anyway, in this city there is a shitload of places to go to in the evening when the weather is hot, like the first district, a Heuriger or some nice place at the Danube Channel. These are some places that I like to sit outside at: Future Lounge, Chelsea, Kix. If you have a nice idea, please share – because I am to slammed to think properly. Thank you.


“This is where all my tastes might be savoured.” (TS Elliot??)


POTSTILL calls itself “Austria’s finest Whisky store” and as you can already guess from the missing “e” in Whisky, the deal solely in brands from the British Isles. And they have over 1.100 brands there, 900 of them alone are Single Malts. They do taste-events and have a nice internet-store as well. The owner even likes to wear a kilt sometimes.

To be found in Strozzigasse 37, 8th district or online at Potstill


We call ’em “Schanigarten” in Vienna. Those nice little, green places that pubs, restaurants and cafes open up outside their premises to give you a nice place to relax and enjoy the summer days and especially evenings. They are called “Schanigarten” because the “Schani” is the typical slow-witted, poorly payed, unskilled helper in a working area – a name having been delivered from the 19th century. I know, these gardens are nothing special or uniquely Viennese, but I think that pub owners in Vienna have a special knack for offering specially nice outside seating. Maybe you will like to try them as soon as it stops raining and the sun comes up again. Like this one:


or this one here:


ipod paraphernalia

At a rough estimate I’d say that about 95 % of the people reading this blog own an ipod, right? Now there is a shop in Vienna that has everything you’d ever need for your pod.


It is located in the passage-way between Mariahilfer Strasse and Windmühlgasse (close to the H&M, about opposite of P&C, turn left towards Naschmarkt – it is a nice shortcut for a lot of things) and from what I could see, you can get all kinds of plug-in stuff for your pod as well as flashy sacks and sockets of all kind of materials. Everything to make your white, one in a billion mp3-player a little more individual.

I didn’t ask if it was possible to get this, though (seen in the shop window of the sex store on Mariahilfer Strasse):


Soccer fans

On Tuesday I accidentally stepped into a subway car filled with soccer fans, mostly Rapid, on the travel to the derby against Austria. Soccer fans, amassed, always fill the air with violence, power struggles, obscenity and a cocktail of testosterone, beer and cheap after shave.


Aside from the elderly couple with “Wir sind Rapid”-shirts (we are rapid) and the odd underage fan it was mostly young men with tatoos, very short hair and loud voices. This is what I learned from them:

[***beware: obscene language***]

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