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Dorkbot Vienna #4: Bre Pettis and the Brain Machine

Dorkbot Vienna #4 (Nov 28, 2007; 8 PM @ Metalab Vienna) features Bre Pettis who will build a Brain Machine.

This is a project that Mitch Altman put together and it’s a brain wave machine that flashes LEDs and binaural audio to brute force your brain to achieve different brain wave states. Pretty much everyone halucinates in some way. A meditation sequence is programmed in, but the whole program is open source, so you can make it do whatever you like. It’s built on Lady Ada’s MiniPOV3 and I’ll have one for you to try out and I’ll have the parts for one to give away so that someone can build it to have on hand at metalab. If someone’s got an EEG, it might be fun to bring it along and see it’s effectiveness. Don’t try this out if you have epilepsy.

Bre hasn’t ordered too many kits! So if you desperately want to join, please put your name on the wiki page immediately!



Vienna Standard Mean Ocean Water

Well, yes… there is a standard called the “Vienna Standard Mean Ocean Water” or “VSMOW”. It is an isotopic water standard defined in 1968 by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Despite the somewhat misleading phrase “ocean water”, VSMOW refers to pure water (H2O) and does not include any salt or other substances in seawater. VSMOW serves as a reference standard for comparing hydrogen and oxygen isotope ratios, mostly in water samples. Very pure, distilled VSMOW water is also used for making high accuracy measurement of water’s physical properties and for defining laboratory standards since it is considered to be representative of “average ocean water.”

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Hacking Game Machines

Martin Pichlmair’s lecture about hacking game machines (Dorkbot #3 @ Metalab) is online now.


Tossing the Incompatible. On Art and Research

A talk by Douglas Irving Repetto (Columbia University, New York), founder of dorkbot, and Jan De Pauw (IDeA, department Rits, Erasmushogeschool Brussel).

Highly recommended!

Friday, July 13, 6-8 PM @ Freiraum, MQ.


Dorkbot Vienna #3: Hacking Game Machines

There is a new Dorkbot Vienna meeting… and the special guest star is Martin Pichlmair.


Games are a defining medium of our time. The majority of them is produced by multinational corporations, designed to appeal to the mass audience, locked on drm-protected and region-coded data media, and sold, shrink-wrapped in plastic. yet resourceful hackers and artists are working on the liberation of this medium. serious games, homebrew games, and game art are results of their great efforts. martin pichlmair and his guests will present a number of game machine hacks – from a modified pinball machine dating back to the 70s to musical instruments running on the nintendo ds.

Let’s crack open the game machine a bit further.

Lecture/workshop in English language.

Saturday, June 23, 2007, 8:30 PM
Duration: ~90 minutes
@ Metalab, Rathausstrasse 6, 1010 Vienna

Rotten logos

I *love* rotten corporate logos.

I took a picture of a nice one in Schoenbrunnerstra├če. Motorola car phones, it’s probably dating back to the early 1990ies.


Tupalo online community on Vienna ressources

Ever been on the lookout for a cool restaurant, special place to shop, a new favorite record store or else? Want to know if that vegetarian restaurant in a far away district carries vegan stuff as well and if it is as good as the drunken brother of a friend of a friend told you late during yesterdays’s party? Need some word of advice on where to shop for that hard to find limited edition of Strange Emily’s underwear or silver wound guitar strings or that nifty new iRazorlight from Apple that will make your skin so soft and smooth? Here is something for you, that will probably help you:

vie_g_tupalo.jpg is a nifty new feature on the web that combines word of mouth, the community idea and travel guide in a cleverly and userfriendly software packaging. I, of course, checked the record stores first, then got an account and starting to comment on them as well. I hope you’ll like my 2 cents worth.

The thing is still being worked on as far as I can see but it is a clever and neat idea and really helpful.


From Vienna To The Moon

Seems I missed something while I was in den States…

Louis D. Friedman, the Executive Director of The Planetary Society, was in Vienna.

February 22 , 2007

Our International Lunar Decade proposal is now before the UN Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS). I’ve just presented it to COPUOS here at their Vienna meeting and made the point again that going to the Moon and exploring other worlds inspires hope for the future, even while this COPUOS meeting focuses on space applications to deal with problems on Earth. We see the value of such inspiration in the emergence of national lunar missions from new spacefaring countries.

My International Lunar Decade (ILD) presentation fit into the agenda as part of the discussion of the International Heliophysical Year (IHY) of 2007. At the UN meeting, I saw scores of exhibits from more than 70 nations describing their participation in the IHY, which cover all physical processes “under the Sun,” including the entire solar system.




Computer services and system administration… trust the tapir!

Addendum: Dorkbot Vienna #2

Jacob Appelbaum’s talk is now online.


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