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Licence Plates Conspiracy

While getting a new passport can be relatively easy in Austria, turning your foreign licence plate to an Austrian plate is something similar to the bureaucracy test of the 12 Tasks Of Asterix.

Here it is the shopping list:

mixer comic shop

mixer_comics.jpg The mixer comic shop is in museumsquarier just around the corner of cheap shop.

About Blogging 01 – Networks & Series

Blogging has changed somehow my life, I often think of it (see Phogging), for me its some kind of artinstrument & I think there are lots of projects you can do. It’s a good instument to work with.
Like you can see in the blog I like series. The urban art series, the It’s Kitsch I know series, the Funny Fountain series and so on. For me blogging is like telling a story. Everything is somehow connected. So I try to make as many hyperlinks as possible. This is what I did yesterday with the .
The aim is to produce a ingenious post where everything is linked to all other blogs all over the world.

Leaving on a jetplane

Vienna_320.gifWell, folks, I’m off for now – leaving for the the Netherlands. First one week of What The Hack?!, a quadrennial technology conference/camp, and then a few days of Amsterdam to relax, unwind and all that. During this time, I probably won’t write a lot here, but with all the content that the other metblog authors are creating at the moment, I’m extremely sure you won’t be bored :)

I’ll return around the 4th of August, until then, take care everyone :)

B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-Birmingham! (And Phoenix, too!)

Birmingham and Phoenix just joined the Metblog posse. Welcome to the frequency, folks.

Find out interesting and bizarre newsbits about wine, Mike Tyson’s pigeons, and everything else you want to know about those great cities that I’ve never been to *sigh*

How to find the Vienna Metblog in the most improbable way

Among most of my blogging friends, a tradition has emerged: Each time we meet, we tell each other the strangest keywords and phrases used on search engines to find us. Word combinations that simply make no sense, phrases you’d never associate with your weblog, and so on. During our Metblog Birthday Party, I read some of the weirdest keywords used to find our Metroblog to the guests, which resulted in tons of laughter and three people urging me to put them online. So, for your personal pleasure, here’s my best of search engine keywords for the last year:

  1. titten
  2. The German word for “tits”, this is our number 1 search phrase, which is kind of weird, considering the word was used only once here, and that was almost a year ago. Further down the list you find all kinds of variations, like big tits, japanese hardcore tits, surgery tits or mega boobs.

  3. jesus face with i didnt say it would be easy but i said it would be worth it
  4. I have no idea what amount of crack you have to smoke to come up with something like that. I can only assume it’s part of a song, or maybe some religious stuff. Me like horsies.

  5. cocaine dealer with there email address
  6. “Dear Mr. Dealer, I got your email address from I’d like to order tons and tons of cocaine for my upcoming graduation party. Could you perhaps deliver it already spread out on the asses of naked supermodels? Thanks!”

  7. jorg haider naked photos
  8. Uaaargh. Please, make it stop! MAKE IT STOP! For those who don’t know him, Mr. Haider is a local far-right populist. He was rather successful with the FPÖ at the beginning of the century, but is now becoming more and more insignificant, finally.

  9. horse defecation
  10. I shudder at the thought of what the searcher wanted to find.

  11. shower in the kitchen
  12. Actually, dude, that’s not a good idea, for the very same reason that an oven in the toilet doesn’t make all that much sense. But whatever floats your boat.

  13. what does the average person look like naked
  14. Use this.

  15. how to bild ninja supplies
  16. Move to China. Walk into the next convenience store and ask for Ninja supplies. Get kicked out for being in the wrong country, dork. Move to Japan. Try again. Get arrested for trying to buy illegal weapons. Spend 15 years in jail. Do not pass Go, do not collect 200 Euros.

  17. email adress farmers june 2005
  18. Farmers have Email addresses? Consider me impressed. Next thing you know, they’ll stop being such helpless, whining pussies.

  19. dog bakeries
  20. Oh, hey, Ninja Guy, while you’re fooling around in China, could you please send me a few tons of frozen dog meat? I kind of got a business idea…

Vienna Metblog Birthday #1 – The aftermath

Birthday is, for most of us, a good day, but sometimes, the date you were born on can be a hassle. For example, I entered this world in January, way too close to Christmas to get equally large amounts of presents. And this here Metroblog was born in July, a time where most people are on holiday somewhere. So, naturally, we were a bit anxious yesterday – will anyone actually show up? The setting was inviting enough. Christian allowed us to hold our little party at the Phil, complete with ultra-comfy chairs and nice music. And due to some scripting magic contributed by Mr. Hinterhalt, the Metroblog was finally shown in a proper way – LARGE.

We started out small, and grew over the 5 hours that followed. Sadly, some of our Bloggers could not make it (and you were all missed), but a good deal of readers, friends of Metblog, and even semi-random strangers showed up. Discussions waged from the world’s most stupid google search phrases to the afterlife of Ms. Josefine Hawelka.

The evening ended in the most surreal, geekish way imaginable to man: with a free for all Pac Man match. In defense of my ego, I won’t post my score here, but at least I wasn’t reduced to the shame and agony that is last place. All in all, while far from an ancient Roman orgy, it was a very nice, relaxed and productive (I love that world, I really do) evening, and I vow to try and hold more Metblog-related festivities, not only once per year.

P.S. : As a special birthday present, Metroblogging was finally added to the Wikipedia. The article is still a little short, but most likely not for long. And while I’m normally free from patriotic feelings of any kind, I’m quite proud that Mr. Grenzfurther is mentioned as one of the representative bloggers of our network/world domination conspiracy.

P.P.S. : Mr. Fum (the guy in the yellow shirt) created a very nice time-shifted picture that I morphed into an animated GIF – please observe the shaking banana in the background, it’s very symbolic. I think.

invitation 2 all of you TODAY

as philipp already said we have a reason to celebrate.
a reason we won’t miss, and as we hope you won’t miss.

we celebrate:
today, saturday july 16th @ phil in gumpendorferstra

blogging vs. journalism?

where does blogging start, where does journalism begin? or is it just two ways of looking at the same thing?
this is a matter we regularly discuss.
undoubtfully blogging becomes more and more important as a free (as in speech, as well as in beer) form of transporting news and opinion.
sad but true, this last week -and it’s terror attacks on London- again showed the potential of blogging as a serious source of news, pictures and reportage.
a potential also newspapers (and any other established kind of media) will have to respect. as I open my standard this morning, in order not to breakfast alone, I realise that they start doing so.
on the weekend-issue’s commentary page they quote some well known blogs (such as europhobia or talking points memo) on the topic.

I first read about the bombing on boingboing. they linked some London blogs, including our colleges at london metblogs, lots of flickr images and the like.
blogging is on the way to reestablish choice of news sources, an alternative to politically influenced (read: abused) mass media.
bloggers were the first to announce bush’s reelection, they tell you about all possible and impossible things you won’t read elsewhere from every imaginable point of view.

to close the circle I want to come back to the opening question.
in my personal opinion blogging and journalism are two very different things meant to coexist. journalism should be serious, well investigated, checked, double checked, spellchecked, authorised by independent editorial staff… not to speak of critical unbiased and well written.
blogging on the other hand is fast, it’s free and it’s fun. and it opens it’s readers a world of choice which of the above journalism-soul-be-list is important for them.
all in all it’s yours – the readers – decision: read it, or delete it.

Happy birthday to.. us!

Yes, it’s true – the Vienna Metroblog turns 1 today! On July 3rd, 2004, Johannes posted the first article. Since then, a lot happened. The 12 current authors (and all those who only were with us for a short time) created around 800 articles. We covered a lot of stuff, we had a lot of fun, and we could see this project grow, from the first stages to the 29 cities we cover today. And we’re only just getting started. I won’t spoil anything now, but you’re in for a nice ride.

To be perfectly honest, when we started back then, I wasn’t really sure that the Vienna Metblog would ever have a birthday to celebrate. Internal difficulties like the dreaded language question, and general problems like making a Blog known in this ocean of information that is the internet made me a bit sceptic in the first weeks. But now, it’s pretty clear we have overcome all that. Yay!

To celebrate this great event, we’re throwing a little party. On Saturday, July 16th, at the Phil. Starting at about 19:00, there’ll be music, talk, and you’ll have the once-in-a-year opportunity to see your dearest metblog authors in the flesh, most likely dead drunk and singing some weird 80s tunes. Oh well.

We’d especially like to invite other Viennese bloggers – that means you and you, and you, and you, and everyone else who operates a blog in or about Vienna. Join us, talk with us, drink with us.

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