Is there such a thing called Austrian syndrome?

BBC is looking for Austrians.

Yes, the popular British media wants the natives’ opinions/commentaries concerning the “Horror House” or the Amstetten case.

Are you Austrian, and if so how do you think this latest abuse scandal will affect your country’s citizens and will it affect Austria’s reputation internationally? How will the country cope with this in the long term?

The international press, the British especially, believes that it certainly affects the whole country because of (rotting) bad apples that exist in this country.

I find it hard to believe that media have the nerve to pose the above-mentioned questions. First of all, it is not Austria’s fault that evil incarnates also live in this country. When the world is full of them. Second, if only the media (local and abroad) try to check their own (mis)behavior–the paparazzi breaking in to the hospital where the victims are confined, publishing their real names, photos and the address. Instead of leaving them alone, they sensationalise the facts and make a profit out of the victim family’s misery.

Like every nation of the world it has its positive, as well as negative, side. It has a tradition/code of ethics that outsiders cannot easily fathom.

You cannot teach an old dog new tricks but educate the younger ones.

Plus, there’s always Sisi, Gem├╝tlichkeit, Sound of Music and Mozart. In the end, they will prevail over the evil Josef Fs and Wolfgang Priklopils in this country.

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  1. Phil A (philsblogging) on May 2nd, 2008 @ 8:52 am

    Well, I wouldn’t underestimate the impact of these two specific criminal cases. Belgium has been having a really hard time getting over Marc Dutroux who didn’t just flip rational minds but also the "chairs of system." This, I hope won’t happen in Austria, we are filled with Gem├╝tlichkeit and someday we just don’t like to talk about this at the Heurigen, just like we did with Kampusch. It’s crazy, but I believe that Austrians have that curiosity gene in their DNAs.

    It is ridiculous to hear our Wanna-be-Kanzler Gusenbauer talk about this the way he did yesterday. He

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