Dirty Tea Time

There’s a new event in town, or rather, a new movement – and it’s called Team Dirty Chai!

Though most of you may have already heard of a chai latte, a spiced tea concentrate infused with hot milk, or even a soy chai latte, using soy milk instead of the dairy version; or already tried it at one of the countless coffee shops that spread all over town within the last years, not so many (not to say hardly anyone) will have any idea what exactly the term ‘dirty’ could stand for in that connection.

Well, kindest readership!
I have the honor to introduce to you what was brought to my ears – and lips – all the way from Los Angeles, CA (by Sean Bonner, to be accurate) last winter, and what changed my life by the means of my weekly habits and social interactions in the most joyful and enriching way possible – for a beverage, that is.

The dirty (soy) chai consists of the classic chai syrup (as to be found at your well-assorted coffee shop of trust), infused with hot (soy) milk (rumor has it, the soy makes it even more ‘muddy’; to me, it simply makes it more delicious: vegan, that is) and added with two shots of espresso – which makes it ‘dirty’.
And besides, being an addict, I should not forget to mention the excess of caffeine the dirtyness brings along with its super-awesome taste!

Now back to all the gibberish about the movement thingy:

The Team Dirty Chai, also known as TDC, was founded back in calender week 07 in the year 2008 by Dave aka DaddyD (whom you will certainly know by the trail of his posts) and my most humble self, when twittering about running out of coffee in the still of the night. Although Dave – as so far everyone we’ve met – was rather bemused about the general idea of pouring coffee in one’s tea, after trying a dirty chai latte was proselytized immediately and finds himself now co-leading Team Dirty Chai, evangelizing our friends (from thereon to be called the TDC army) towards a better taste in caffeinated, muddy-liquid treats.

by Angelo Laub (licensed under CC by-nc-sa)

We do so every Sunday, meeting at around 10.30 am CET at the Starbucks Mariahilfer Strasse/Theobaldgasse, aiming to improve our social skillz (yes, we do have some) by getting down to the *socially* dirty.

Our core team members include the following – as lovely as famous as down-to-the-dirty – folks: Kewagi, Angelol, Oneup, and Enkido, all of them admittedly geeks and/or nerds and/or ‘artists’ in some or the other way; but since the dirty chai meme spread rapidly amongst the Viennese Twitter league, the TDC army is still unstoppably growing, aiming to become the most notably alliance of 2008 a.d.

by yours truly

So there you have it.
Now screw up your courage, take heart, and join the TDC movement for more deliciousness and sociality in life!

Team Dirty Chai is legion.
And soon it’ll be on Wikipedia, fo sho ;)

Photograph no. 1 taken by Angelo Laub (licensed under CC by-nc-sa)

3 Comments so far

  1. Phil A (philsblogging) on April 15th, 2008 @ 8:27 am

    First, Starbucks rocks, so true. It’s comfy and it is good. A little expensive.
    Second: Vapiano is the best pasta in the town!

  2. astera (schneeweisz) on April 15th, 2008 @ 9:41 am


    The thing about this specific place is: It’s just so comfy. And sunny. And it so very epitomizes our favourite weekly habit.

    But actually, when in desparate need for caffeine, I prefer the Coffeeshop Company (as on Alserstra├če/Lange Gasse) over Starbucks, serving a less expensive as well as a bit more tasty dirty soy chai latte.
    (Also, a short tip: Order a large cappuccino plus chai syrup at the CC – they do it just the same way; and it’s a little cheaper than ordering the dirty chai latte. Plus, it doesn’t take more than 30 seconds to explain!;)

  3. stormgrass on April 16th, 2008 @ 1:28 pm

    Ah well, now that explains all them tweets.

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