What a storm!

Torn branches in the First District! It was a matter of minutes. First, the dark clouds, then the strong wind. It didn’t stop. It became stronger, really stronger. We were sitting in the garden, suddenly, a colleague shouted: “Time to take cover!” And everyone was inside the building.

Then the whole area was enveloped in darkness as the strong wind forced the trees to do a powerful dance. Twisting, turning, waving, cracking. More! I hurried to the bus station. I tried to call someone but it was difficult to get through. Then I stopped at the sight of a flower basin already cracked in front of me. The flowers were unharmed but the soil was already sprawled on the pavement. Tis a pity for the owner who wasn’t at home. Or who might be there but couldn’t do anything.

Then I got afraid that the flying debris–from the broken pieces of vases, pots, bottles or roof and blocks–would fall on me or scarce or hit my face or whatever part of my body. Suddenly, it dawned on me that it was a scene I remember from childhood. Tropical storms. Typhoons. Or even a movie like “Twister” as the dark clouds became compact and later would form a deadly cone.

It was sudden and astonishing by the sudden outpour of water and lashing of the wind. According to Der Standard, two people died in Vienna. Barbra Streisand cancelled her Schönbrunn concert tonight only to pursue it tomorrow, Friday. And the Donauinselfest? Come rain or shine the Danube music festival will go on.

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  1. Patrick Vacek (unregistered) on June 22nd, 2007 @ 8:17 am

    Man, let me tell you… one day, I opened the window before leaving my dorm to go to class, and the weather was fine. Five minutes later I walk outside and it is dark, rainy, and cold as hell. Out of nowhere, a mass of wood falls from the sky and narrowly misses hitting me head, instead scraping my leg, where I still have a scar five months later. I walked back inside to bandage my wound and put on a heavier coat, but when I went back out another five minutes later, it was lovely out again.

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