Heidi smokes!

Is it only me, or are there way more ads for cigarettes around now? Mostly for brands like Smart and Johnny Player. I havent seen so many of them since… actually, i never saw that many.

The most funny ones are with a young blond Heidi-looking girl and an old horny guy.


Even though the one with her blowing a kiss is pretty scary as well.


I am not sure if this would make someone buy those cigarettes.
In fact, i would find it pretty weird.

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  1. Philipp (unregistered) on March 21st, 2006 @ 3:55 pm

    Those ads create more non-smokers than all combined health warnings together.

  2. crackerjack (unregistered) on March 22nd, 2006 @ 8:50 am

    these ads are in effect of the liberalisation of the tobacco-product market in Austria. Yes, no more Austria Tabak monopoly!
    There are now three companies distributing cigarettes in Austria: AT, British-American-Tobacco and the one founded by the former marketing-boss of AT who specialices in cheapo-fags (that’s slang for cigs) like Smart. Batton is a BAT-brand as is Johnny Player Special.
    btw: it is not allowed to show smiling people in ads for tobacco-products in Austria.

  3. daniela (unregistered) on March 22nd, 2006 @ 10:19 am

    thank you for the information, Crackerjack! i didnt know that smiling is not allowed in those ads. kinda… weird.

  4. Philipp (unregistered) on March 22nd, 2006 @ 8:04 pm

    Well, I for one love my cheapo Smart fags.
    Semper et ubique!

    And, Crackerjack: Do you have a source for the “No smiling in tobacco ads” thing? That sounds interesting.

  5. crackerjack (unregistered) on March 24th, 2006 @ 9:06 am

    oh, it used to be “no smiling, happy, fun people with cigs”. Nowadays it is “no people with cigs at all” and obviously the future will be “no advertisement at all”…

    See ยง11 TabakG

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