It is 4am in the morning.

I just woke up due a nightmare.
I was studying, listen people, MOZART. YES.
You know that brainwashing is working if you start dreaming about the item. Yes, mozart became an item.
I remember i was standing there waiting for whatever students wait for, probably for the books or whatever, and there was this teacher who was actually Sigmund Freud, babbling about Mozart. And i said: “I like beethoven more.”
Then i got shot. By Sigmund Freud.

Austria declared the year 2006 the Mozart Year. Which means, you find more Mozart out there then before. Mozart sausages, and Mozart costumes, and Mozart everything.

I hate nightmares.

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  1. nex (unregistered) on February 17th, 2006 @ 9:17 am

    I’m still up. Between 0300 and right now I did the weirdest shit. Yes, weird and also shit. In cyberspace. The last two nights I already dreamed stranger things than being shot by ‘Dr.’ Freud, influenced by too much Enemy Territory and Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty. During my regular, scheduled downtime, mind you. But now it’s daytime and I bet the workers at the construction site in my house will start their power tools soon. Nice background score for the ambulances with screaming horns blazing past my bedroom on the major street just outside.

    Last night Bill Gates was in my Mac and he was rendered in 8bit pixels and naked and showing off his bushy armpits from which Einsteins mouth sprouted, sticking the tongue out. I was Solid Snake, performing tactical espionage action on an Austrian farm, avoiding pigs and magistrates. Then mechas were all over the place and then the aliens came and intimitated all humans into boarding hyperspace ships with scary red lasers. And that was before, yesterday, I read William Gibson’s script draft for Alien 3 (tons of bloody mutilated and mutated body parts) and had a look at the lates Abu Ghraib torture photos and read an extensive review of a book about the connection between the various black metal sub-genres and neo-nazism.

    Argh, I’m so thoroughly fucked. I’m thinking I shouldn’t even bother with going to bed at all. But no matter what I dream, I always find out that nothing that happens is actually threatening. So, no nightmares at least, not in the usual sense.

  2. daniela (unregistered) on February 17th, 2006 @ 9:27 am

    Those dreams definetely beat my DR. Freud and mozart dream. score for you.

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