One Way To Relax

There are days when you dont feel like going out, there is nothing on TV or the net, you are bored but yet not really feeling to social. When i feel like that, i usually grab one of my cameras (depends on which one is working and still functional) and simply walk through the city. Sometimes i find interesting people in interesting situations, sometimes i simply adore old buildings, sometimes i find cute animals – no matter what, i end up with a full 1GB flash card. But you know what? It is fascinating what you find. The expression on an old Lady’s face, or kids jumping up and down, or a crow sitting on a bench next to a young men.
The best thing about those walk-arounds is, that you will most likely find places you havent seen before. Little parks to chill out, a new cosy cafe in a side street, or a new shop who sells wonderfull old photos.
Last week i found a place to chill out. Strangely enough, i am always there when i am leaving the city for the weekend. If you go to Handelskai, and walk down to the danube you will see a calm and somewhat romantic thing. Swans, birds, old ships, ice. What else could you ask for to chill out and relax?
Get some old bread or something like that and feed the swans. If you dont like the swans, just walk around there. Just dont jump on one of the half rotten ships. Yes, they are half rotten. I know it. I tried it out. Bad thing. Bad Bad.

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