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Kauf Nix Tag – Buy Nothing Day

Der erste Einkaufssamstag vor Weihnachten sagt sich an. Alle Jahre wieder werden sich Stra

Trapped In Non-Euclidean Space


(Location: steel remainings of an art installation in Museumsquartier)


do you know those moments when advertisments bring you near the end of your tether? the rants & raves category now offers me the possibility to let off steam.


ok guys & gals… I can stand those babyface posters, telling me vienna is a terribly insecure place to be. taking a deep breath I can even stand this I have to admit, I love this city-bullshit. lavasoft’s adaware lets me even deal with MS operating systems (at work, where I have to).

getting up in the morning, switching on fm4 and having to listen to this bloody james-bond-hair-shampoo-god-damn-clipping is something I can’t stand.
consider this as an open letter, fm4.
release me!

grateful wine

this rather unique drink (“cuv

wear helmets

i broke my right hand last tuesday, getting used to one hand typing now, slow
some parts of my face are stitched
wear helmets
take the u6 metro from westbahnhof to spittelau on a viaduct with view on the “g


last friday, the 2004 rob

A three-dimensional air-factory – home of the milka cow

A new shop opened at the Wiedner Hauptstra

Gastro 014: The Breakfast Club

‘The Breakfast Club’ is a restaurant located at Schleifm

“Probably Vienna”


(Tag location: Mariahilferstra


Ahh! That’s the most stupid worldplay in the history of the most stupid worldplays.


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